About TM Renovations Ltd
Done the right way, first time around.
Our focus is on quality of finish and every element of work undertaken is directed to this end.

TM Renovations Ltd was founded by Trevor Martin who has spent over 25 years as a carpenter and master carpenter. Our ethos, developed over that time, is based on an understanding and appreciation that attention to detail counts.


It’s our belief that time taken to plan ahead is time well spent.  That a methodical and precise mindset is vital, from the importance of symmetry to the placement of fittings to consideration of accessibility for future maintenance, attention to detail is paramount.

Trevor's commitment is to treat every job as if it were in his own home. It's a bold statement but one we're sure our clients would back up.

Our primary business is the installation of kitchens and bathrooms and have enjoyed particular success with high-end installations. We appreciate that quality materials and fittings deserve exacting care and attention.

We also provide property maintenance services to landlords and managing agents offering qualified teams of carpenters, electricians, plumbers and painters and decorators.